Deep in the Night

Book 2: Hot City Nights Series

Deep in the Night by Patricia Ryan

Being a bodyguard means staying as close as a lover…

Roman Fitzpatrick: Cool play-by-the-rules ex-cop on the outside, but scratch the surface… a hot-blooded man, ready and able to do whatever needs to be done.

Summer Love: Free-spirited photographer and gossip columnist in San Francisco. She has a “fan” who’d like to see her out of the picture.

Roman’s Assignment:

• Guard a woman who doesn’t want guarding

• Overcome prejudice against flighty gossip columnists

• Pretend Summer Love isn’t the sexiest, most desirable woman on the face of the earth

Deep in the Night is part of the Hot City Nights series, but it can be read and enjoyed on its own. It is a full-length steamy contemporary romance novel—no cliffhanger!

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“Those of you who like hot love scenes will enjoy the much-talked-about limousine scene…The sexual tension between Summer and Roman is intense and it’s a relief to the reader when they finally give in.”

—All About Romance

Deep in the Night pairs two strong-willed characters from opposite back­grounds whose relationship explodes with red-hot romantic sparks.”

RT BookReviews

“Scorching loves scenes and two distinctive, idiosyncratic characters pull this book out of the ordinary. Ryan’s novel is impossible to put down. She knows how to capture a reader’s attention and refuses to let it go. Well done.”

Affaire de Coeur

“I found the love scenes in this book to be explosive, but also tender and loving. A terrific book and I will be glomming Ms. Ryan’s backlist and watching for more books from her.”

Under the Covers