Arm Candy

Book 1: Hot City Nights Series

Arm Candy by Patricia Ryan

“Sexy, steamy, passionate and oh so satisfying! Ms. Ryan really turns up the heat!” Old Book Barn Gazette  

David Waite, a wealthy British fundraiser in New York City, knows exactly how to please a woman, but he’s had enough of social climbers and users. His solution? “Arm candy,” a beautiful woman to accompany him as his regular date. She’s to serve as a dazzling accessory, not a prostitute or call girl, with no strings attached, either emotional or sexual. Then he sees Nora, and he finds himself overwhelmed with a craving for sweets…  

Nora Armstrong is a wholesome, virginal beauty fresh from the Midwest. Her cousin asks her to go out with David Waite as a favor to advance his event planning business. She can’t say no, any more than she can say no when David asks for a second date, and a third… According to “arm candy” rules, she should be safe… until David decides to break the rules. Suddenly Nora realizes it’s a risky business, being this smoking hot Brit’s faux girlfriend… and falling in love.  

Arm Candy is Book 1 of the Hot City Nights series of steamy romances with urban settings, but it can be read independently of the rest of the series. It is a full-length, professionally edited novel with no cliffhanger!

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Books in the Hot City Nights Series: Arm Candy | Deep in the Night | A Burning Touch 


Arm Candy is a sensitive yet very sexy romance that touches even the hardest heart. The lead couple who start out on the wrong foot at the beginning, interact wonderfully later in the story and generate a lot of sexual heat that electrifies the storyline. The secondary characters add spice and depth to this tale. Ms. Ryan has penned an exciting and sensuous romance for the senses to devour. It is a definite keeper and exciting to read more than once.”

—Under the Covers

“Patricia Ryan provides her audience with a jewel of a tale.”

—Affaire de Coeur