Good to be Bad

Good to be Bad by Patricia Ryan

“Good to be Bad is a marvelous, fast-paced, riveting romance.” New York Times bestselling author Anne Stuart  

Emma Sutcliffe is content playing the Good Twin to her glamorous, self-assured double, Zara, a literary superagent. Emma’s life is comfortable, predictable… if somewhat humdrum. But after she walks a mile in her sister’s yellow leather miniskirt and mile-high stilettos—hounded by a smoking hot surgeon-turned-thriller-writer who’s convinced she’s Zara—there’s no going back.  

Gage Foster flew all the way to New York for a meeting with Zara Sutcliffe, and now she’s trying to stand him up? Oh, hell no! He may be a laid-back son of the South, and she may be just about the sexiest thing he’s ever seen, but that doesn’t mean he’s about to sit still for that kind of high-handed bull crap. He’ll dog her heels until she gives him what he wants.  

Good to be Bad is book one in the “Double Dare” two-part romantic suspense mini series by identical-twin authors Patricia Ryan and Pamela Burford. Each book is a stand-alone romance and can be read and enjoyed on its own. The suspense story line that begins in Good to be Bad concludes in Pamela’s Twice BurnedFormerly titled Twice the Spice.

Good to Be Bad and Twice Burned


“Twin authors, twin books, two reviewers agree, the Double Dare series is a 4 ½ star smashing success!”

RT BookReviews

“The new Double Dare series is a delight. Patricia Ryan’s Good to be Bad is a marvelous, fast-paced, riveting romance. Pamela Burford’s Twice Burned is wonderfully sexy and exciting. Two fabulous books by two very talented authors!”

—New York Times bestselling author Anne Stuart  

“The pressure on Pam Burford to meet the quality level of Pat Ryan’s opening home run is higher than the stratosphere’s upper limits.”

—Affaire de Coeur  

“Patricia Ryan’s star continues to rise in Good to be Bad as she dishes up a luscious reading treat with double the sizzle and double the fun!”

—RT BookReviews  

“Compelling characterization and fast-paced narrative. Double the romance, double the intrigue and double the reading enjoyment. No way should you miss these books!”

—The Old Book Barn Gazette  

“Good to be Bad is twice the reading pleasure! A terrific romance plus an intense suspense. Ms. Ryan’s story moves quickly, with superbly devel­oped characters, some humor and a nice clever plot. Pat Ryan is a sparkling, refresh­ing author!”

—The Literary Times