Falcon's Fire

Book 1: Lords of Conquest, The Fairfax Family

Falcon's Fire by Patricia Ryan

Martine of Rouen resolves never to fall in love after her mother drowns herself in despair over a broken heart, but for her brother’s sake she allows herself to be betrothed, sight unseen, to Edmond of Harford. The union has been negotiated by lowborn knight Thorne Falconer in exchange for the estate he covets more than anything–certainly more than love, hence the need to resist his desire for the beautiful and enigmatic Martine. Thorne never suspected he’d have to protect her from savagery at the hands of Edmond and his vicious brother, but he does, in the only way he can–by marrying her himself.

Falcon’s Fire was nominated by Romantic Times as Best First Historical Romance, by the Literary Times as Outstanding Historical, and was a Golden Heart finalist.


“A powerful debut historical novel by an exciting new talent, Falcon’s Fire will ignite your imagination and passion for medieval romances.”

– RT BookReviews

“A richly textured pageant of passion. A grand adventure!”

– New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs

“Falcon’s Fire is a fast-paced, vividly detailed medieval romance filled with several interesting and very memorable characters. Of noted interest to readers will be the variety of intriguing female personalities in Patricia Ryan’s terrific tale. Patricia Ryan is definitely an author to watch!”

– Affaire de Coeur

“Destined to become an all time favorite among medieval fans.”

– The Medieval Chronicle

“An exceptionally good and beautifully told story.”

– Rendezvous

“Magnificent! Patricia Ryan is wonderful!”

– The Literary Times