Pure and Simple

Contemporary Romance

Pure and Simple by Patricia Ryan

Ally Turner is shaken by the death of her childhood friend, starlet Willow Scott–and horrified when devilishly charming Tom Proctor starts digging into Willow’s past for a tell-all bio, threatening to unearth a scandalous secret that must be kept hidden at all costs.

Contemporary romance/women’s fiction, 127,000 words (405 pages).

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A note from Pat

Pure and Simple was originally under contract to a major publisher, but I didn’t like the changes my editor’s boss was trying to push through–changes that would have made the book significantly shorter and more formulaic. Rather than ruin a book that was a labor of love for me, I pulled it from that publisher and have recently released it as an ebook in its original form. Let me know what you think!


“Ms. Ryan enthralls readers…with the power of her characters’ emotions…”

– RT BookReviews

“This story drew me in from word one. I adore Tom–he’s sexy, brainy and buff, the perfect challenge to Ally, who’s torn between her attraction to him and protecting her family. And I LOVE the subplot involving Ally’s wild little sister, Brooke. The suspense plot is exciting, with intriguing twists and turns that kept me on my toes. This story has great emotional depth, and the icing on the cake is the touches of humor throughout. VERY highly recommended!”

“I’ve been a Patricia Ryan fan for years and particularly love her romances. Pure and Simple is not only a romance but a mainstream book, with lots of subplots, depth of characters and intrigue. Tom couldn’t be sexier, Ally more appealing and the track their relationship takes more involving. One other thing about Ryan–her craft of writing is absolutely the best. She has, as they say, a way with words and I often stop to reread a sentence or paragraph just for the beauty of it. This book is stellar! A must read!”

“Unforgettable characters with real emotions kept me glued to the pages through an exciting storyline with just enough humor to break up the enthralling suspense!”