Two Exciting Contemporary Romance Series

Hot City Nights series

A Burning TouchDeep in the Night  | Arm Candy 

North Moon Bay series

The Black Sheep | The Marriage Arrangement (August 2016) | My Best Friend’s Girl (September 2016) | Back in My Arms (February 2017)


Patricia Ryan

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I’m very excited to announce the release of two contemporary romance series! The North Moon Bay books are set in a fictional waterfront community on Long Island (where I grew up), and they feature deeply emotional stories that range in heat from warm to hot. Hot City Nights books are passionate, sensual romances set in (you guessed it) cities.

If you’re a fan of historicals, check out my Lords of Conquest medieval romances, which are comprised of three two-book mini-series. A reviewer once likened these books to oil paintings because of their richness and complexity; most are romantic suspense. (If you liked Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth, you’ll love my medievals.)

My other big labor of love is the Nell Sweeney mystery series, which is set in post-Civil War Boston. Nell is a young Irish-born governess who is aided in her sleuthing by her employer’s estranged son, an opium-addicted former battle surgeon. The delicate arc of their relationship over the course of the series is one of the factors that has made these books national bestsellers. To learn more, tap P.B. RYAN BOOKS in the navigation bar above.

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