The Marriage Arrangement

Book 2: North Moon Bay Series

The Marriage Arrangement by Patricia Ryan

“A true modern take on the marriage of convenience! Some of the wittiest characters I’ve had the pleasure to meet in a long time!” The Literary Times

Clay Granger, a billionaire extreme sports star, thrives on taking risks and pursuing thrills. When his friend Izzy Fabrioni finds herself pregnant, alone, and broke, Clay proposes an arranged marriage that should solve all her problems while making his own life a bit more bearable. As one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, he’s found himself hounded by matchmakers and gold-diggers. A wife—in name only, of course—should be just the ticket to get them off his back.  

Wary but desperate, Izzy agrees to the insane plan. It’s just another escapade for Clay… until he discovers that sharing his life—and bed—with sweet, sexy Izzy makes the “in name only” part of the deal a whole lot harder than he had anticipated.

Book 2 of the North Moon Bay series, The Marriage Arrangement is a complete, full-length, professionally edited marriage of convenience romance novel that can be read on its own or as part of the series.

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“Gifted storyteller Patricia Ryan holds us spellbound with her mesmerizing new love story, The Marriage Arrangement. When a daring sports star/thrillseeker discovers his best friend is pregnant by another man, he persuades her first into a marriage of conve­nience and then into unexpected love.  Ms. Ryan’s wonderfully textured characters leap right off the page and straight into your heart in this splendid reading experience.”

—RT BookReviews

“Engaging characters, snatches of humor, dynamic sexual tension, and a thrilling plot… wonderful reading.”


“Some of the wittiest characters I’ve had the pleasure to meet in a long time!”

The Literary Times