The Sun and the Moon

Book 2: Lords of Conquest, The Wexford Family

The Sun and the Moon by Patricia Ryan

The Sun: Hugh of Wexford, King Henry’s most trusted spy, enjoys his wine, his women, and most of all, his freedom. Scarred by a brutal upbringing, Hugh makes his own way in the world, unhindered by ties of any kind—including those of love.

The Moon: Oxford scholar Phillipa de Paris is learned and enlightened, but utterly unschooled in the ways of the world—especially the lascivious intrigue she encounters when Hugh recruits her to help ensnare an enemy of the crown.

The Mission: To expose the schemes of dissolute cleric Aldous Ewing, who has long carried a torch for Phillipa, the rough-and-tumble warrior and the innocent intellectual pose as jaded husband and wife. Can Phillipa finesse Ewing into sharing his secrets without sharing his bed, as the mission calls for? Or will Hugh and Phillipa’s deceit be revealed and their lives endangered by the irresistible passion flaring between them?

Inspired by Hitchcock’s Notorious, The Sun and the Moon won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense and was a finalist for RWA’s RITA Award for Best Long Historical Romance. It was featured in Doubleday Book Club and Rhapsody Book Club.


“Patricia Ryan holds readers in her grasp with mystery and suspense worthy of a Hitchcock film. Once you start this nonstop read you won’t go to bed until you’ve turned the last page. Kudos to Ms. Ryan for bringing such a satisfying tale to life and pushing the boundaries of the genre once more.”

– RT BookReviews

“Never one to disappoint, Ms. Ryan has once again delivered her readers a novel that packs a punch. Just as we think we have the ending all figured out, she hits us with an incredible twist.

– The Literary Times

“With each new medieval from Ms. Ryan, her plotting and characters get better and better. Filled with mystery, suspense, intrigue and very passionate romance, this is an excellent example of her superb writing skills. Originally introduced in Ms. Ryan’s Silken Threads, Phillipa and Hugh are just the type of hero and heroine I enjoy in my medievals. And I quote, ‘…two opposites can unite to create something altogether new and extraordinary.’ I absolutely loved this story!”

– Tanzey Cutter, The Old Book Barn Gazette

“The Sun and the Moon is a real page turner. I really wish I hadn’t started it so late at night. It kept me up way past my bedtime and there is no stronger recommendation than that.”

– Jean Mason, The Romance Reader

“A heroine like Phillipa is a rare gem, indeed, and is such a delight to read and get to know…Watching these two accept their love for one another is a treat. The medieval setting and the court intrigues are neither ‘wallpaper’ nor overwhelming, and although this book is a sequel, it stands very well on its own. I highly recommend The Sun and the Moon and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

– Claudia S. Terrones, All About Romance

“The Sun and the Moon is an enjoyable medieval romance starring two enchanting characters. The intrepid Phillipa is an anachronism as she succeeds in her scholarly pursuit. She and the mentally and physically scarred Hugh make a wonderful couple. The story line is fun especially when Hugh turns jealous as Phillipa flirts with the odious Aldous to get him to reveal his plot. Sub-genre fans know Patricia Ryan as a household name and her newest tale will elate her large horde of readers.”

– Harriet Klausner

“Now this is a great medieval romance. It has a great mystery that, for once, doesn’t overshadow the romance. And I do love both hero and heroine. Keeper? Yes!”

– Everything Romantic