Secret Thunder

Book 1: Lords of Conquest, The Perigueux Family

Secret Thunder by Patricia Ryan

Forced to wed a notoriously brutal Norman knight after her Saxon husband falls at Hastings, Faithe of Hauekleah vows that the enemy invader will never have her heart. But she hasn’t counted on her riot of conflicting emotions when Luke de Perigueux, the infamous “Black Dragon,” takes her in his arms. Not only does he have a reputation for savage fury on the battlefield–fury he unleashed against her own people not long ago–but it soon becomes apparent that her lord husband is hiding a dark and terrible secret.

The paperback edition of Secret Thunder made the Ingrams A-List of Top 50 Requested Titles for three weeks.


“A marvelous love story from the queen of medieval romance. I will buy anything she writes! Once again Patricia Ryan dazzles us with her amazing storytelling abilities. This is as good as it gets. If you only read one historical romance this year, it should be Secret Thunder!”

– The Literary Times

“Patricia Ryan continues to create superb medieval romances that capture the atmosphere and tenor of the time. Ms. Ryan breathes freshness into every page and enthralls readers with the power of her characters’ emotions and their intelligent handling of the complex situations. She is a wonderful writer whose talent continues to enchant readers.”

– RT BookReviews

“Secret Thunder is a superb medieval romance that is so well written it will not remain a secret amongst the genre’s fans for very long. Patricia Ryan brings startling freshness to this historical period.”

– Affaire de Coeur

“Ms. Ryan has penned a totally absorbing tale with complicated situations and complex, compelling characters. The poignant relationship between Faithe and Luke is achingly beautiful, as a woman’s love redeems a tortured man. I loved everything about this book–it’s full-bodied, like vintage wine. Brava, Ms. Ryan. It’s the best book yet!!”

– The Old Book Barn Gazette

“Patricia Ryan is a master, blending rich historical detail and poignant emotions, making the era come alive in an honest, seamless story. Brilliant!”

– RomEx Review