A Burning Touch

Contemporary Romance

A Burning Torch by Patricia Ryan

Mansfield, New Jersey, is burning up building by building–each fire more devastating than the last–and it’s Detective Jamie Keegan’s job to bring the “Firefly,” as the arsonist has dubbed himself, to justice. He balks when his captain orders him to consult the beautiful and enigmatic

India Cook, who claims to be a psychic, and who can’t bear to be touched. Convinced she’s a con artist, Jamie tries to deny the chemistry simmering between them as he and India work together to stop the Firefly before he can strike again.


“Ever a master of characterization and sexual tension, Patricia Ryan creates a sizzling suspense about the thin line between passion and anguish sure to heat up our reading pleasure!”

– RT Book Reviews

“A steamy, sizzling, and thoroughly entertaining novel that allows the audience to partake in the adventure romance of a lifetime. The pacing is swift and the unfolding storyline provides a fascinating glimpse into a world where psi comes together with arson to create a bonfire of passion. Way to go, Pat Ryan!”

– Affaire de Coeur

“A tale so full of fiery emotions and blistering passion, not to mention the wonderful characters, I closed the last page with a huge smile on my lips.”

– Rendezvous

“The most remarkable aspect of this novel is the author’s empathic treatment of India’s [psychic] condition. This situation creates some unique sexual tension, including the well-handled description of desire in a man’s mind. Women reading romances are occasionally treated to token narratives about passion and desire from a hero’s point of view. Author Patricia Ryan takes that point of view one step further, with fascinating results. Readers will not want to put this one down until they have reached the satisfying happy ending.”

– Gothic Journal